Corridor Art – Take 2

Sunday, July 29, 2007 0:42 | Filed in Life, Local Interest

A couple of months ago, I first mentioned the corridor art in my workplace, when our corridor was being used to hang various artworks in prior to distribution elsewhere around the building. I said that it was nice, it brightened up the corridors and while I obviously didn’t like every piece, it was still nice to have some art there.

Although I did have some nagging doubts:

The only drawback is of course that when the time comes to redistribute the majority of the art around the building, I just know that the walls are going to feel dull and nondescript again, and of course Sod’s Law will dictacte that all of the paintings I like will be distributed elsewhereMe

Well, you know what? Paintings were distributed about the building. But there are an awful lot left in my corridor (including some new ones), and now they’ve got little nameplates beside ‘em, saying who painted ‘em, what they’re called and so on, so it looks like the ones currently there are here to stay — for a while at least. Including the one I specifically identified as my favourite.

I’d therefore like to thank Adrian at Work-Art and tell him — and everyone else involved — that I think they’ve done a grand job.

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  2. Buffee says:

    September 5th, 2012 at 5:54 am

    Thanks guys, I just about lost it loiokng for this.

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