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I don’t tend to do ‘notes’ on Facebook, on the basis that it’s hard enough to find something to post about here every day and spending the time doing that, without ending up doing the same on Facebook as well.

However, I was tagged in a Facebook meme and so feel kinda obliged to give it a go. So again, this is for Walshy, who keeps me well supplied with bad jokes.

Where is your mobile phone?
In my shirt pocket. Although the inclusion of this question — after losing my previous phone while out on the beer with Walshy — makes me wonder whether she’s taking the piss somewhat.
Your hair?
Where is it? Well, mostly on my head, but also scattered around elsewhere.
Your father?
Are we still doing the where is it? Or do you want to know what colour my Dad’s hair is? It’s grey, and it’s probably in Essex, as that’s where the rest of him is.
Your favourite thing?
Brown paper parcels tied up with string. Or maybe having fun with my kids
Your dream last night?
Can’t remember last night, but I did have a good flying one only a few nights ago, where I had to hide out under the Tyne Bridge, ‘cos my dad for some reason had become a mob boss and now people were after me.
Your favourite drink
Orkney Dark Island, probably. But my usual is Marston’s Pedigree
Your dream/goal?
To be able to make a comfortable living writing/blogging
The room you are in?
What you fear?
Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Haven’t really planned that far in advance. Having fun, hopefully
One of your wish list items?
Books. Or maybe some more books. Oh, and a nice little cottage in Keswick to read them in
Where you grew up?
What was the last thing you did
Writing ‘Haven’t’
What are you wearing?
Sheer black stock– naah, black jeans, black shoes, black shirt. A bit Johnny Cash today.
Your TV?
Nowt fancy, but you can get moving pictures and sound on it.
Your pets?
Darwin and Einstein. Cats.
Your computer?
…is probably in need of replacement next year.
Your life?
…or your money! Wait, no I’ve phrased that wrong.
Your Mood?
Missing someone?
Yeah. I’ve only they’d stand still, so I could take aim properly.
Your car?
I’m quite a fan of cars; I have developed my own classification system for them that is in advance of the traditional make/model scheme. Under my classification, my car is a red one.
Favourite shop?
Any one with books in
Your Summer?
No thanks. Hayfever and wasps I can comfortably live without.
Your favorite colour?
Depends. I like wearing blue; but I also like red; I like dark green cars. So I’ll instead just go for the colours I like to see best on other people. Flesh tones…
When is the last time you laughed?
Last time you cried?
Not sure about actual tears, but there’s a scene in The Dark Knight made me sad the other day…
Three people who email me?
Spammers, spammers, and work people.
Three of my favourite foods?
Bacon sandwiches, ‘sunday dinners’ and ice creams and sorbets.
Three places I would rather be right now?
The Lake District, Receiving a ginormous National Lottery cheque, and the pub.
Three people I think will respond?
No-one, since I’m not tagging anyone. But anyone wishing to take part may either copy and paste into their own blog or Facebook thingummy, since attempting to do so in the comments would result in ridiculously long comments.
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  1. Steve says:

    March 27th, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    The Dark Knight had me in tears too. I thought it would never ever end.

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