Those who Ask sometimes get…

Monday, April 20, 2009 17:30 | Filed in Oddities, Technology, twitter

Welcome back, Jeeves.

Ask Jeeves, as the site is now re-re-branded, also allows Jeeves to answer the question in his own inimitable way. In answer to the question “Why am I back?” he replies:

Glad you asked. The simple answer is I’m back to help.

I popped out three years ago to travel the world in a quest for knowledge and I’ve returned to Blighty armed with answers. During my sojourn research showed the public wanted me back, which I found jolly touching.

Ask Jeeves: Why Am I Back

Nice to have you back, Jeeves. I’m not quite sure that twitter is really you, though, particularly with a name like @askjeevesdotcom. Oh, and I’ll probably be sticking with Google for my searching for the time being. But it is still nice to have you back.

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