Those darn Toon fans turn up everywhere, don’t they?

Sunday, July 30, 2006 19:35 | Filed in Newcastle United

My mother’s been on a two and a half week safari in Africa, and apart from making me insanely jealous by regaling me with tales of walking with lion cubs, sitting in a jeep driving alongside real live wild lions, seeing giraffes, rhinos and the like, as well as taking in various items of cultural significance such as visiting Soweto during her tour which took her through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique etc, she took some photographs.

Zimbabwean Newcastle fan at Victoria Falls (the town, not the waterfall)

Now, there’s a whole bunch of photos — with lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos — and most probably yetis, unicorns, phoenixes and dragons as well — and obviously various items and places of historic and cultural interest. Given all of these photos, which one do you think she reckons will be of most interest to me?

Yes, that’s right. This one. A Zimbabwean chap standing in the town of Victoria Falls (as opposed to standing in the waterfall, which would be much damper, and probably significantly more dangerous). And why does this photo carry more significance than any of the others possibly could? Simple! He’s wearing a Newcastle United shirt.

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