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Friday, May 29, 2009 7:20 | Filed in Politics

You may have read that the BNP have produced a poem which is read out by their soft toy character Billy Brit.

Billy Brit reads his poem, “Heroes”, about great white Britons from our history

I thought this was a bit wrong, just as think a list singling out only great black Britons is equally wrong (I see “positive discrimination” — such as the MOBOs — as still including “discrimination” and therefore being wrong). Others disagree with this, as is their right. But in the main I don’t see how you can have any list of 100 Great Britons which does not include the rock god Phil Lynott, born in Birmingham.

Tim Ireland from Bloggerheads has taken his objection one step further with his very own Billy Brit puppet (which would appear to be an immigrant anyway) reflecting upon two other Great British heroes, in his spoof of the BNP’s Billy Brit… please be aware that this contains language some may find offensive.

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